Loan money for new solar cells

Need a loan for new solar cells? It can be an expensive investment, costing many thousands of dollars. Therefore, most Danes will need funding and this gives you good opportunities to get online.

If the bank has said no or you do not want the cumbersome process, you can easily and quickly apply online. On the web you can apply for loans up to 400,000 dollars and no one interferes with the purpose, although loans for solar cells can be a good idea.

Loan money for photovoltaic systems

Loan money for photovoltaic systems

Borrow money for new solar cells and make a good investment while protecting the environment. There are many benefits to these facilities and you can easily apply for money through the listings on our website.

You probably already know what the solar system will cost you. Here you can freely choose the appropriate loan amount from the providers, which in several places are between 10,000 and 100,000 dollars. If you need more money you can apply for it from providers like Bank Good Finance and Loan and Credit Bank. Get started with the listings you find in the top menu.

Even if you need financing for the purchase, you should not go for the cheap models. In many industries, it can be worthwhile to save money by choosing the cheapest, but this is by no means the case in the solar cell industry.

On the contrary. By opting for high quality, you get better performance, lifetime and durability guarantee. It may seem like a certainty that the investment will end up being good for your personal finances.

Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities

Solar cells are not a cheap investment and can be anywhere from 40,000 to 150,000 USD, depending on the dealer, the size and not least the quality. This is the money most Danes have in the account and although you will probably need a loan for new solar cells , grants can undoubtedly be useful.

But what are your grant options? There is a Good Credit support that allows you to apply for support as an individual. This is done on a first-come, first-served basis, which is why you shouldn’t waste time.

The purpose of the Good Credit support is, among other things, to give Danish individuals a greater incentive to prefer the energy-friendly solutions in the home. The Public Service Obligations (Good Credit) support scheme has met with great resistance in the past, although we see it as a positive move.

It may seem a little tricky to understand where the support for you as a private person lies. If you join the scheme, in 2015 you would be able to get 102 øre per. kilowatt hour that you sell on the energy grid. This is in contrast to the normal 60 øre – a difference of 42 øre or 70%.

If you join the scheme, the increased rates apply for 10 years.

You must apply for the support / grant through Energinet, but it is not always open to applications. Contact them if you need more information.

Why is solar PV a good investment?

Why is solar PV a good investment?

The investment is home for 7-8 years

Solar cells and plants are a good investment for several reasons. Higher electricity prices, tax benefits and photovoltaic systems that are becoming cheaper all the time are three factors that contribute to the good investment.

A photovoltaic system should be considered as an investment in your electricity consumption, over the next few years and once set up, there will be only limited maintenance. It is primarily about cleaning a rare time.

The investment is good because you can consume the same amount of electricity at significantly lower prices. So even if you actually pay in advance, the return will make it a good business. In addition, you are contributing to the environment and getting housing that is increasing in value.

Remember to choose an approved installer

It does not matter who you choose as the installer of your photovoltaic system. It must be an approved provider as it ensures you a job well done in proper quality.

At Good Finance, they have a list of installers who are certified to set up renewable energy systems such as. photovoltaics. Here you can see that at the time of writing, there are 43 approved companies under “ Approved for solar cells” . We recommend you choose one of these.

This is how solar cells work

This is how solar cells work

Before investing expensive in new solar cells, it is definitely best to know how they work. We have therefore looked at how solar cells work, to give you an insight before investing in a new plant.

In short, solar cells help convert the sun’s light into electricity, that’s the whole basic idea behind and something most Danes know. But how does this happen?

A reaction occurs when the sunlight hits the electrons of the cells, which are supplied with energy that subsequently moves in one direction. There is a photoelectric effect that French Bequerel became known to discover in 1839. The electrons will act as a unidirectional electric current, while the solar cell produces direct current.

The best models are believed to be able to utilize up to 20% of the sunlight’s energy, but improvements are constantly being made in this area. Thus, there has been a great improvement over the past 10 years.

An important point is that it is not the heat of the sun, but light that helps activate the electrons and thereby produce electricity.

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